What is Westworld Roleplay?

Westworld Roleplay is a community based in the modification RedM for the video game Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC. Our storylines are independent of Red Dead Redemption, and we exist with the premise that our players are in the Wild West in 1863 during the American civil war.

What is RedM?

RedM is a mod for Red Dead. It turns Red Dead Redemption into a sandbox where we can create and modify the game to how we choose.


Where do I get RedM?

You can download it from You must own a valid copy of Red Dead Redemption on PC either through steam, rockstar, or epic games.

What other software/third party software do I need for your server?

You just need teamspeak 3, with the salty chat plugin. Teamspeak 3 is how we communicate in-game. Teamspeak can be downloaded here. Salty chat is a plugin for teamspeak that you will need. It can be downloaded here. Both are FREE.

Where can I find up to date information about how to play on your server?

Please check our guide page as it is regularly updated and designed to help you get started on our server.