Rule 1. Please remain in character at all times. OOC is to be used for emergencies.


Rule 2. You must value your life always, especially outnumbered or outgunned. You should treat your character’s life as if it were real life and you only have one.


Rule 3. Must have a reason to hurt, kidnap, or kill someone, no Random Death Match (RDM), no Vehicle Death Match (VDM). Roleplay must be utilized before hurting, kidnapping, or killing someone.


Rule 4. No homophobia, racism, sexual assault or rape roleplay.


Rule 5. No Fail RP. This includes powergaming.


Rule 6. Do not metagame.


Rule 7. Hostages must be actual hostages. No fake hostages (i.e. undercover gang members as hostages.)


Rule 8. You must roleplay any injuries you receive.

Rule 9. Realistic names/non-sexual etc. only.

Rule 10. Mods have final say on all scenarios and situations. Please respect their decision.

Rule 11. Maximum of 6 people in a posse for any roleplay scenario.